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Markus Hüls, Weingut, Gutsriesling feinherb, Mosel, Zeltingen, Wehlen, Sonnenuhr, Molitor, Prüm

Estate Wine

Gutsriesling FH 2014


Kroev - Letterlay, Kirchlay

Blue Devon slate

Riesling 100%

10,5 vol%

750 ml

50° - 53° F

2015 - 2020

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100% healthy grapes were gently crushed and macerated for a short time on the flavor full grape skins. Afterwards the must was slowly fermented in temperature controlled casks, to protect and develop the fine fruity aromas of the grape variety. The natural residual sugar was kept by cooling and stopping the fermentation process. Aging in stainless steel and large wooden casks with great care and a long ripening period on the fine lees shaped this elegant and multifaceted Riesling.

Scent of greengage plum, miracle, pink grapefruit and passion fruit. Vibrant interaction of natural sweetness and acidity. Round, harmonic with a refreshing finish on the palate.

Crispy Calamari & Watercress Salad with mint, roasted peanut, pickled red onion & chili-lime vinaigrette

Spicy Duck Meatballs with mint cavatelli, water spinach & quail egg

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