Weingut Markus HÜLS, Kröv, Mosel, Zeltingen Wehlen Sonnenuhr


Riesling 2018



SONNENUHR, Zeltingen

Blauer Devonschiefer

Riesling 100%


12,0 vol%

750 ml, 1500 ml

13° C - 15° C

Jetzt bis 2041

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100% gesundes Traubengut wurde schonend gemahlen und für 32 Stunden auf den aroma- und mineralstoffreichen Beerenschalen mazeriert. Danach wurde der Most langsam und kühl im Fuderfaß (1200l) spontan vergoren. Der Wein wurde bis Mai auf der Feinhefe ausgebaut, damit sich die für den STEFFENSBERG charakteristischen Flintstein- und Graphitnoten perfekt entwickeln konnten.


ROBERT PARKER | Stephan Reinhardt: 90 pts


Enthält Sulfite

How do I know when I need to replace my pool safety cover?

Safety covers have an average life of 12-15 years. You should expect to replace your safety cover when the cover is starting to rip at the seams. Many times, mice chew holes in the cover while in storage over the summer. You can prevent this and prolong the life of your cover if you have a 90 gallon garbage bin with a lid to store the cover in.

I currently use a pool cover tarp with water bags.  Is it possible for me to upgrade to a safety cover with anchors?

Absolutely. Sahara Pools can custom measure the pool to create a safety cover with the exact dimensions of the pool and patio.

My pool is highly custom with varying wall heights and features.  Can I still be measured for a new safety cover?

Of course, as stated above, all new safety covers are custom measured in order to guarantee the right fit. Sahara Pools can accommodate all different types of features such as raised spas, waterfalls, sun shelfs, etc. into the measurements for the new cover.

Does Sahara Pools custom measure my pool size and shape?

If you have never had a safety cover before, your pool has to be custom measured. If you are simply replacing your safety cover and are happy with the way the old one fit, we can take the old cover and use that as a template to design the new one.

I currently have a safety cover that needs to be replaced. Does Sahara Pools need to install new brass anchors, or can my old anchors be reused?

Old anchors can be re-used as long as they are in good shape. If the anchor screw’s threads have been stripped we can simply replace the screw in the existing anchor.

What is the typical life expectancy of a safety cover from Sahara Pools?

A cover will last about 12-15 years.


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