Kröv - Letterlay, Kirchlay

Blauer Devonschiefer

Riesling 100%


12,0 vol%

750 ml

12° - 14° C

Jetzt bis 2025

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100% gesundes Traubengut wurde schonend gemahlen und kurz auf den aroma- und mineral- stoffreichen Beerenschalen mazeriert.
Danach wurde der Most langsam und sehr kühl spontan vergoren, so dass sich die facetten- reichen, fruchtigen Aromen des Weins perfekt entwickeln konnten. Schonender Ausbau im Edelstahltank und langer Ausbau auf der Fein- hefe folgte der Vergärung und prägen diesen feinfruchtigen, nuancenreichen Wein


Enthält Sulfite


ROBERT PARKER | Stefan Reinhardt: 89 pts

Standard Dentures

Standard Dentures are the most cost effective option. The Dentures are made using standard materials and the quality of the teeth are composed of a softer layer. This treatment option takes 3 appointments to be completed.

Upgraded Dentures

Upgraded dentures provide you with greater fit and function, the quality of the teeth used are made of a denser material that can last longer than conventional teeth. This treatment consists of 2 sets of Impressions, One Bite Record, One Pin Tracer, Try-In, and Insert.

Cast Partial Dentures

Cast partial denture are stronger, durable and more hygienic. They serve as a long term solution for replacing multiple missing teeth. These partials are made out of metal and or titanium. The partial denture itself is made up of metal for the frame, acrylic and denture teeth. the cast partial fits around your natural teeth which secures them in the mouth. cast partial dentures will provide you with maximum support without damaging the surrounding gums and tissues. The success of a cast partial denture is dependent on the quality and health of your natural teeth.

Implant Options

Why Implants? Are you a candidate for implant retained dentures? At Your Smile Denture Clinic we offer a wide range of implant services. when compared to a standard denture the implants will provide more retention and stability within your mouth. Denture implants can also increase your biting force and allow you to properly chew your food to help with digestion. implants can give you a comfortable fit and improve aesthetics. Call to book an appoinment to see if your a candidate for implant dentures. Implant Retained, Gum Supported With this treatment the denture rests directly on your gums and is attached to implants placed into your upper and/or lower jaw. The denture is removable, and is secured to your implants by having attachments in the denture. Fixed/ Implant Supported With this treatment, the denture is secured directly to implants placed into your upper and/ or lower jaw. The denture is only removed by your dentist or denturist. This option is the closest to having natural teeth.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are sometimes known as surgical dentures. They are made prior to having your natural teeth extracted. They are inserted immediately after the teeth are extracted so that you don't have to go without teeth. This acts as band-aid to help heal your gums. This denture requires regular maintenance of the fit with temporary liners until final healing in 9-12 months, which then require a permanent reline. Contact us for more information.


Resorption occurs within bone and tissues when patient loose their natural teeth. This will eventually lead to a space between the tissues and denture. It is important to have your dentures relined every 2-3 years to help compensate for the shrinkage in the mouth. This will help improve,fit,function and food getting trapped underneath.

Emergency Denture Repairs

Dentures often break or a tooth falls off, here at Your Smile Denture Clinic we offer same day repairs.

Treatment Services

At Your Smile Denture Clinic we offer Customized Teeth Whitening, Night Guards, Mouth Guards, and Anti Snoring Devices. Please contact us for more information.


Here at Your Smile Denture Clinic we offer Nu-Dent Denture Cleaner, Pola Whitening Syringes, replacement denture baths, and denture brushes. Please contact us for any information and pricing.

Flexible Partials

Specifically designed for comfort and esthetics , flexible partials are thin and can hide in the mouth making it look like your not wearing a partial. The traditional metal hooks around the teeth can be replaced with clear hooks or shaded ones hiding any metal when you smile. Flexible partials are light weight, require no metal or tooth preparations. This procedure can be completed in three appointments.

Name Inscription On Dentures

Your name is placed in your denture in order to minimize loss. This is helpful for someone who is in a long term care facility.